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Written requirements are an essential part of any software development activity.  It needs to be clearly defined what is being built and when it will be delivered.  An outline of the software modules that will be developed, data structures that will be used,  databases that will be put in place and the APIs that will be used.  Clear expectations for both parties makes for a strong foundation.

How Do I Get Started? Print E-mail

You need to choose a web hosting company to host your application.   I can help you to choose a hosting company that will meet your budget and requirements.  Most hosting packages come with access to a linux server, support for PHP development language and access to a MySQL database.  Once the hosting is in place, development can begin.

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Get results faster by choosing a developer that has the experience that you need.  Weather it is eBay, PayPal, Sugar CRM, Salesforce.com, Callfire or Authorize.net.  I have the experience, skills and certifications to provide a working solution for your application.   Even if you need help with an API that is not listed on my web site, I can still help you.