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We are Callfire API experts. Developing Callfire solutions since 2012. We have experience with both versions (2 and 1.1) of the Callfire API. Version 2 of the Callfire API is very easy to use and we can create cloud communication applications quickly. We work closely with Callfire developers and support to understand the latest capabilities of the APIs.

We have created several virtual call centers for our clients. Only the callfire version 1.1 API supports this. And we have much experience with how to get this working quickly. We can help you configure your call center in many different ways and help you to setup Smart Drop to leave a recorded message when your agent encounters an answering machine. This allows your agent to avoid long waits while still allowing them to leave a message with that caller.

Version 2 API – REST APIs – we have used all of the following.

  • Text Messages – Create and Manage text based campaigns.
  • Voice Broadcast – Create and manage voice broadcast campaigns
  • IVRs – Create and manage IVR campaigns
  • Subscriptions – Setup and Manage Campaign End, Call End and Text End notifications
  • Sounds – Create a recording, download, text-to-speach
  • Campaigns – Management and Results
  • Contacts – Manage phone list, filter DNC
  • Numbers – Search, buy and configure


Version 1.1 API – we are familiar with both the REST and SOAP APIs

  • Campaign Service – Voice Broadcast management
  • Scheduler Service – Used to delay a campaign to be started at a specific date and time.
  • List Services – Manage your contact phone lists.
  • Inbound Service – Search, buy and configure phone numbers
  • SoundFile Service – Create and Manage sounds and recordings.
  • Virtual Callcenter API
    • CallCenter Connect Campaign – This function is used to create a new Call Center Campaign.
    • GetConnectionForAgent – This function is used to find out which call the Agent connected to and contains all the information about the connection.
    • loginAgent – This function is used to login an agent into a campaign. Once the login is finished the Agent is immediately put into a queue to get the next available call.
    • SendAgentCallBack – This function will initiate a phone call to the Agent and recite an agent id to them over the phone.
    • StoreAgentResponse – This function will store the response and notes for the call and also puts the agent back into a queue to receive the next call.

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