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Android Table APP, SiteLink API and Back-office Web Solutions

We began working with LifeStorage since 2012. LifeStorage provides high-end storage solutions and needed help with API integration for SiteLink, Callfire, Twilio and more. We created front-end rental and reservation systems for their customers. Then we created a suite of back-end office solutions for management that required even more SiteLink API.

Customer facing or back-end office, we can do it all. Great designs and real solutions that LifeStorage can depend on. We get it done with with API integrations that work!

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The customer experience is very personal with the use of this new tablet APP. The APP allows managers to lookup customer information, make reservations, review inventory, process a move-in, and accept credit card payments directly on the tablet from anywhere on the property. The APP works in both on-line and off-line scenarios. The APP works with a custom built API for LifeStorage to lookup and process the requests coming from the tablet.

RH Consulting LLC Client

LifeStorage runs on the data provided by SiteLink. We created 10+ back-office web apps to make SiteLink API calls to get inventory, make reservations, process move-ins, purchase merchandise, get customer information, get ledger information and much more. We have extensive experience with the SiteLink API.

We also use the SiteLink API to created customer facing web solutions for doing reservations, move-ins and vacates.

Android tablet applications interact with a customer LifeStorage API that interacts with databases and SiteLink API to do move-ins, reservations, inventory, merchandise, customer lookups and credit card processing.

RH Consulting LLC Client

We can create your API integration or back-end office solution. Coffee is on us.

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